Timberboat is a Croatian band from Karlovac. Timberboat started as a three-piece band; Miroslav Petrak (vocal, acoustic guitar), Zoran Stojakovic (piano, pedal steel, guitar) and Igor Vrbanek (acoustic guitar, organ, bass), primary focused on recording material that would become Timberboat’s self-titled album. In 2017 they started to work on second album and decided to include additional musicians to help them perform new recorded material.

Miroslav Petrak – vocals / Zoran Stojakovic – guitar and vocals / Goran Bunčić – bass guitar / Mata Kovačić – pedal steel, keyboards, trumpet and percussion / Bruno Vuljanić – drums / Igor Vrbanek – VJing




Ichabod is a young singer/songwriter and a prominent part of Croatian indie music scene, gravitating between the underground and the public eye for a while now. Considering the amount of material he’s published since last year, it’s clear that he strives for the latter.

The critics describe his sound as melodic rock with a clear-cut Americana influence, beatlesque vocals and britpop arrangements.

The subject matter of his songs is almost always introspective, intimate, melancholic, written from the perspective of a young man on the verge of adulthood.

So far he has published three singles, We Could’ve Had a Better Time, Never Alone and Bad Blood which helped him introduce himself to the new audiences at the Indirekt and Novi Val festivals in Umag and Budva, Indirekt Showcase festival in Belgrade and Začarana Močvara in Zagreb.

In 2019, he formed a backup band consisting of three members of the Zagreb’s very own Hana ne zna da se šali and the pianist Barbara Bubalo, who’s been with Ichabod since the beginning of his career.